The 171st Hunger Games were, as the name suggests, the 171st Hunger Games. As the second rebellion failed, the hunger games were continued.


District 1

Female: Shine

Male: Gloss

District 2

Female: Slate

Male: Mason

District 3

Female: Wirett

Male: Pece

District 4

Female: Aiyana

Male: Perry

District 5

Female: Spark

Male: Watt

District 6

Female: Cartess

Male: Titus

District 7

Female: Maple (Victor)

Male: Ash

District 8

Female: Sow

Male: Weave

District 9

Female: Grain

Male: Harvest

District 10

Female: Stabless

Male: Stock

District 11

Female: Apple

Male: Pepper

District 12

Female: Brooke

Male: Cole

The Fanfiction

For the fanfiction, please view these~

Chapter 1

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